About Us

Michel Buthion always knew he would be involved in the food and beverage industry. So did his brother, Chef Alain. The brothers were exposed to quality food preparation and customer service at an early age, observing their father, Jean, at his popular boucherie in the South of France. So Michel embarked on the journey to realize his dream, a journey that eventually brought him to Oklahoma City over thirty years ago.

Upon arriving, Michel encouraged his younger brother, Alain to come to the United States and explore the many opportunities available in the food and beverage industry. Eventually, the brothers settled in Oklahoma City, purchasing a 12-table coffee shop in a building on North May Avenue, known as La Baguette Bistro & Bakery, And they began to grow, establishing a reputation for quality food and service.

As time passed, Michel, who handles the business, marketing and front side of the operation, along with master chef Alain, began to expand their small restaurant into one of the most popular eating establishments in Oklahoma City. They eventually added a butcher shop adjacent to the bakery and then purchased the remainder of the building for their newest creation, Buthion Fine Food & Wine Shop.

Today, the entire operation can be found beneath its own thirty-foot Eiffel Tower at 7408 North May Avenue. It’s a bistro, a bakery, a bucherie, an impressive collection of fine food and wine and a reputation for doing it right.

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